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Danielle Timmons LLC - Licensed Therapist

Empowering you to Have
the Life you Want & Deserve


Don’t Struggle in Silence

Maybe you are striving to be a stellar employee, a straight-A student, a model daughter or perfect sibling. Perhaps you are desperately wanting to be the best partner you can be, or the ideal friend. Thoughts of failure are crushing. Trying to juggle work, relationships, school and friendships can leave you feeling depleted.

But guess what?
You no longer have to pretend you have it all together.
You no longer have to struggle in silence.
Help is here.

Help is at Hand

Danielle Timmons, a licensed therapist with 15 years of experience, equips you with the right tools to help face your difficulties and navigate toward a life that brings you joy and confidence. She knows what it’s like to struggle with life’s challenges, and understands that each of us has a unique story that requires a personalized therapeutic approach. 


It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, even when outside appearances give the impression that you have it all together. You might excel in the office or classroom, but past or present issues can make you feel frustrated and stuck. This can perpetuate a cycle of anxiety, depression and relationship issues, which can then lead to insecurity about the present and future, sinking you deeper into dissatisfaction. You can feel better.

Danielle Timmons LLC - Licensed Therapist

What to Expect

Using therapeutic approaches tailored to your individual needs, you will find yourself healing and flourishing as you begin to work through managing stressors and roadblocks that prevent you from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Throughout your session, Danielle works to make you feel safe and seen. She takes the time to understand you and your goals before moving forward. Don’t go through life silently suffering. Book a therapy session and begin your journey of restoration. Don’t wait passively for happiness or fulfillment to come to you.

Make it happen.

Danielle Timmons LLC - Licensed Therapist
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